About us

Adventure fishing is located in Kizimkazi, which is a fishing village on the southern tip of Zanzibar. It has become renowned for the different types of fish through out different seasons. We have two other divisions at Paje ( South East coast of Zanzibar) and in Uroa.

We offer half and full day charters for beginners, seasoned seamen or for people who want to enjoy the joy of fishing. Join us for a day out Big Game Fishing in the waters of Zanzibar, Kizimkazi, Latham Island, Nungwi! Our deep sea fishing charter boats are fully rigged and ready to take you out for a fishing experience you will never forget.

All of our boats have a selection of rods, reels and lures and a choice of different baits depending on what you are trying to catch. Our captains can help you choose which would best suit your style and the conditions on the day.

Why not eat what you’ve caught?
The expert chefs at any of our locations (accommodation) can cook the fish for you in five different ways to get your taste buds going. If you are staying elsewhere you have the option of having the chefs fillet the fish for you so you can take some back to your hotel for a nice evening meal. Our customer will be allowed to take back with them only one fish of their choice by the end of the fishing trip (unless otherwise agreed with the administration at the time of signing fishing waiver ). We donate remaining fish caught to family in nearby village that are in need of charity.

We fish by trolling a combination of artificial lures, natural dead baits (Ballyhoo or strips) or by live baiting. Our skippers and crew are also experienced at all disciplines of fishing whether your requirements be spinning, jigging, popping for Giant Trevally etc, power chumming or drifting with baits. Our well equipped and catered for sports fishing boats and resourceful crews will ensure your absolute enjoyment out on the water.

Other methods which we use is the traditional Japanese method of “bottom fishing” without using bait/lure. Quiet a unique technique which we will be pleased to show you how.

What to Expect:
Billfish such as Striped, Black and Blue Marlin as well as the acrobatic and dazzling Sailfish and elusive Shortbill Spearfish abound in these crystal waters! Let’s not forget the Broadbill Swordfish, the “Gladiator” of the seas which will test the stamina of any angler to the limit! Yellowfin tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda, Kingfish (Trevally), King & Queen Mackerel and the lesser game fish such as Bonito tuna, Skipjack tuna and Rainbow Runner provide endless hours of adrenalin filled Game Fishing action out on the water!